Thursday, July 06, 2006

Life on Mars

I'm cockahoop and doolally for Life on Mars.

Not this:

Or this:

(although I am quite partial)

No. Praise the Gods of Television, I'm talking about this:

Life on Mars is an eight-part BBC drama series from the makers of Spooks and Hustle that will hopefully appear on Australian screens before too long.

I don't usually go in for cop shows (especially not of the CSI: Crimes Against Vaginas variety) but this one is different. If Life on Mars is “just a cop show” then The Singing Detective (1986) was “just” about some crazy old dude with bad skin.

Like The Singing Detective, Life on Mars is dark, haunting, wildly original, and frequently hilarious. It has an unforgettable concept, production values that will knock your woolly socks off, and a magnificent cast who will quickly inhabit your dreams (or am I the only one who dreams about fictional characters?).

Plus the protagonist drives a mint-condition 1970s brown Ford Cortina with a vinyl roof. Hot.

If only the ubiquitous CSI series had less brow-furrowing and voyeuristic violence, and more dream sequences, 70s rock, and mind-bending narrative riffs on the nature of human memory...

I could rant and gush all day but I won’t. I had the pleasure of viewing Life on Mars without knowing a thing about its premise, and you should too. Do yourself a favour and check it out before you read any reviews.

Oh, one last thing. This man (John Simm) plays the lead:

Hot. Hot as guts. Don’t believe me? Then obviously you have not yet had the pleasure of seeing him in action.

Do remedy that, won’t you?

Check back here in the next few days for an investigation into Mr Simm’s bizarre sexual hold over myself and most of my female friends curious magnetism. This hard-hitting Carrion Laughing enquiry (going under the working title of “Inexplicably Irresistible British Man Flesh”) will explore the allure of Mr Simm and his similarly pasty yet mouth-watering contemporaries.


At 9:29 PM, Blogger lili said...

i. am. so. there.

there is life on mars.

it is hot.

At 9:17 AM, Blogger canoe said...

I very much want to breed with that man.

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Jellyfish said...

there is life on mars.

it is hot.

Ah Lil, as the kids would say, ROFLMAO.

(Or is it ROLFMAO? Panic!)

Anyway. 'Bizarre sexual hold' is exactly the right term for the effect Simm and his brethren (see also Tennant, David and Fletcher, Dexter [Mark 2] amongst others) have on me. It's sort of like being 14 again only with less time spent cutting photos out of Smash Hits and glueing them to the wall and more spent just yelling at the tv screen for them to fuck me.

At 11:31 PM, Blogger audrey said...

Be he the gent from Human Traffic? I don't have my glasses on but I think my pupils are saying HOTTTT.

Even though the British can sometimes be really embarrassing (Big Brother UK series 5) they also are really nifty with the police dramas.

Again. Hottt.

And I'm with Jelly on Tennant.

And is it just me, and although I love Alan Rickman, but should Prof Snape absolutely have been played by Alan Cumming? Think Sean Walsh from Circle of Friends and you'll catch my drift.

At 12:39 PM, Blogger mindlessmunkey said...

Oh... I do adore watching hot-man-containing British TV with you lasses. The constant sighs and swoons from the ladies in the room, are almost as entertaining as the shows themselves.

Not that I blame you - those weedy, pasty types with British accents (especially northern accents... mmm) sure are yummy to behold.


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